The last two decades have seen an increase in Employer requirements in regards to quality assurance and budget optimization. This has resulted to the need for the creation of exact tender documents to fix the quality of works along with the corresponding cost of the project.

Based in Lebanon with branches in the region, Manoukian E.P.QS & Construction Management has in no time become a reference in the Cost Consultancy, Quantity Surveying and Construction Management fields, in both local and regional markets.

Not only our job is to supply the employers with budget estimates at the early stages of the project, and to handle all the necessary procedures and documents related to the pre-construction phase, but we also offer a post-contract service, to make sure you receive nothing less than the quality you have aimed for.

The key to such success lies with no doubt in the hands of an experts’ team, highly trained and experienced to understand the challenges and opportunities of every project handled.

Always at the forefront of project management practices, supported by state-of-the-art systems and driven by passion for the business, our team is well-equipped to provide you with a dedicated, personalized service. Manoukian E.P.QS & Construction Management was established in 2006, to provide the Employers with budget estimates at the early stages of the project and go on in writing the specifications corresponding to the project along with the bills of quantities and conditions of contract.

Moreover, Manoukian E.P.QS & Construction Management provides the post-contract services to assure that the Contractors follow the established tender documents in conformity with the design of the project.

Manoukian E.P.QS & Construction Management has an established management team most of whom have been with the Company since its inception. It is proactive and professional from tender stage through to project completion. Over the last years the Company’s turnover has steadily increased.

This controlled expansion of the business will continue with a sharp focus on delivering all projects on programme, safely and to the quality required by clients.

ABF - 3 KSA 01/05/2015 Residential RJM Architects
Abraj Kudai KSA Jan. 2013 Residential Nesma
Al Bustan II KSA Mar. 2009 Residential MZ Architects
Al Jeraisy Center - Riyadh, KSA KSA Jun. 2011 Commercial FCB
Al Muhaisen Holding - Al Khobar, KSA KSA Jun. 2007 Commercial Joe Farah
Al Obeikan Resort - Jizan KSA Jun. 2008 Commercial FC&B
Al Obeikan Tower KSA May. 2008 Residential FC&B (Era)
Al Shubayli Resort KSA Nov. 2007 Residential Dada & Associates (Progress)
Al Tayseer Hotel KSA 10/01/2014 Hotel Fouad Samara
ANB - Landscaping KSA 06/01/2014 Restaurant Joe Farah
ANB Bank KSA Apr. 2013 Bank Joe Farah
ANB Restaurants KSA 06/01/2014 Restaurant Joe Farah
Antaby Residence - KSA KSA Jul. 2008 Residential Batimat
Bin Mahfouz Villa KSA Apr. 2009 Residential Utopia
Casa Dalia KSA Sep. 2010 Residential Utopia
Casa Hoda KSA Jul. 2011 Residential Utopia
Casa Musalam KSA Mar. 2009 Residential Utopia
Combined General Offices & Admin. Bldg KSA Oct. 2008 Commercial Khalid Al Amoudi Architects
Damas - Aziz Mall KSA 03/26/2015 Residential / Commercial Damas
Damas - Madina KSA 03/28/2015 Residential / Commercial Damas
Damas - Taef KSA 03/27/2015 Residential / Commercial Damas
Edafah Suites Hotel - Khobar KSA May. 2011 Hotel Galal Mahmoud
Edafah Suites Hotel - Tamayuz - Riyadh KSA Mar. 2011 Hotel Galal Mahmoud
HRH Nawaf Abdul Aziz Bin Saoud - ID Woks KSA Aug. 2006 Residential Ghada Baroud
HRH Prince Abdul Aziz Mishal Bin Abdul Aziz Palace Project in Irqa Area KSA Apr. 2006 Residential Tabet Entreprise
Jabal Omar KSA Jul. 2011 Hotel Nesma
Jabal Omar - SR2, H15, H16, H17 KSA Jan. 2009 Residential Bouchi Engineering
Jabal Omar Project Phase 2 - Area S3-S4 KSA Jan. 2012 Residential Nesma
Jeddah Central Water Front KSA Feb. 2012 Complex Talal Zainy
Joffrey's Al Shatea KSA KSA Apr. 2006 Residential Arcrea Studio Paris
Joffrey's Rached Mall KSA May. 2006 Restaurant Arcrea Studio Paris
Joffrey's Veneccia Mall KSA May. 2006 Restaurant Arcrea Studio Paris
King Abdullah Monumental Park - RABIGH 35 KSA Sep. 2009 Landscaping Francis Landscapes
King Abdullah Petroleum S&R CTR KSA Feb. 2010 Landscaping Francis Landscapes
King Khaled Medical City - phase 1 KSA 08/01/2014 Hospital Nesma
Le Notre - Khobar KSA Nov. 2009 Restaurant Joe Farah
Le Notre - KSA KSA 06/08/2015 Restaurant Joe Farah
Lenotre Jeddah - Marina KSA Jun. 2009 Restaurant Joe Farah
Lenotre Jeddah - Teatro Mall KSA Nov. 2007 Restaurant Joe Farah
Magrabi Dental Clinics - NJC KSA Jun. 2008 Commercial Raed Abillamah
MAJ KSA May. 2009 Residential M&M Design
Malaz Building KSA Oct. 2010 Commercial Prismacircle architects
North Park Office Complex - KSA KSA Jan. 2007 Commercial Francis Landscapes
Office Building KSA Oct. 2006 Commercial Khalid Al Amoudi Architects
PNAU Princess Noura AbdlRahman University KSA Aug. 2009 Educational 109 architects
PNAU Princess Noura AbdlRahman University KSA Oct. 2009 Educational Nassar & Bouchi
Quraichi Faysal's Villa KSA Oct. 2008 Residential Afkar
RCHQ Yanbu KSA Jan. 2010 Commercial ACT
Red Sea Residence KSA Oct. 2008 Residential Claude Missir
Rolaco Showroom KSA Nov. 2008 Commercial Khalid Al Amoudi Architects
SACC Residential Complex KSA 08/10/2015 Labor Camp Monther Sawan
Sea Pros Yachts Showroom - Jeddah KSA Jun. 2011 Commercial Georges Bechara
Serafina Restaurant KSA 11/10/2014 Restaurant Joe Farah
Sheikh Anas Abudawood Beach House KSA Apr. 2008 Residential Claude Missir
Shk. Sulaiman Al Muhaidib Private Villa Compound KSA Sep. 2007 Residential Claud Missir
Sudairi Residence KSA Sep. 2008 Residential Joe Farah
Talal Dhulaymi Three Villas KSA Oct. 2006 Residential Khalid Al Amoudi Architects
TH1a, H1b, H1c, H2a KSA Sep. 2008 Residential 109
Villa Ghazi Humaid - Riyadh KSA Aug. 2006 Residential Galal Mahmoud
Zahid Business Park KSA 09/15/2014 Campus KAOS
Zakari Office Building KSA Feb. 2008 Residential JO Geitani architect
ZLC KSA Oct. 2009 Commercial Khalid Al Amoudi Architects


* Rough Budget Estimate (At the conceptual phase of the project)

* Preliminary Cost Estimate (At the preliminary drawings phase)

* Detailed Pricing (At Tender Phase)

* Cost Monitoring (During all the phases of the project)

* Value Engineering

* Feasibility Study


* Construction Schedules

* Cash-flows

* Method statements

Quantity Surveying

* Tendering Procedures & Conditions of Contract

* Bill of Quantities (All disciplines)

* Specifications (All disciplines)

* Quality Control /quality Assurance (C.M)

* Payments Monitoring and Review

* Variation Order Preparation and / or Analysis

* Claims and Counter Claims * Material Submittals Review and Analysis

* Construction Schedule Review and Update

* Sub-Tenders for Constructors for Various Trades (C.M)

* Prequalification for Contractors

* Tender Organization

* Q & A assistance

* Tender Evaluation and negotiation with bidders

* Preparation of Contract Documents

* Analysis of Employe Requirements

* Market Study

* Prequalification for Consultants

* Tender Organization for Consultancy Services

* Tender evaluation and negotiation with bidders

* E.P.QS Services

* Supervision

Available Positions


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